Mahkota Medical Center

Established in 1994, MMC is licensed as a 356-bed private health-care provider strategically located within the major business district and tourist area of Malacca, Malaysia. Mahkota Medical Centre (MMC) has established itself as a tertiary hospital of repute in Malaysia and in the region, providing quality medical services at affordable rates. 
MMC provides a comprehensive one-stop centre for healthcare services with a full range of diagnostic, radiology, clinical laboratory and other medical facilities. To date, MMC is operating on 288 beds with 60 full-time resident Consultants and a group of part-time and visiting consultants representing a broad range of medical and surgical disciplines.

Mahkota Medical Centre is actively involved in “Health Tourism” which is strongly supported by the Malaysian government. Statistically, more than 50,000 foreign patients come to Mahkota Medical Centre for medical treatment annually.

Facilities available:

  • 18 bed Coronary / Intensive Care Ward /Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
  • 8 patient wards (including Maternity, and Day- Surgery ward)
  • Accident and Emergency Department ( 24 Hours Walk in Clinic)
  • Clinical Laboratory and a Diagnostic Imaging Centre
  • 10 Operating Rooms with dedicated Operating Rooms for Neurosurgery,Cardiac Surgery and Urology.
  • 2 Cardiac-Catheterisation Laboratories – for diagnostic and interventional procedures.
  • Renal Dialysis Centre
  • In-Vitro Fertilisation Centre
  • Day Procedure Unit & Endoscopy Centre for non-invasive day procedures
  • Health Screening Centre
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy Day Care
  • Dental services
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Transportation arrangement
  • In-house laundry
  • Retail pharmacy
  • Cafeteria

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